Bingo Blitz consists of rooms built for cities around the world

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What’s a Bingo Blitz?

Bingo Blitz is Facebook’s # 1 bingo game with 4 million people on the official app page and more than 1 million monthly users. I hope you’re going to agree that this is a very big amount! It’s a really easy gameplay-just the usual 75-ball bingo. You get a bingo for either the 5-in-a-row or the 4 corners. So, where’s the “Blitz” coming in for all this? Ok, there are a range of power-ups at your side to achieve an edge over your rivals. These include quick win, double daub and treasure box, among others. These are going to be discussed here where we’re learning about the tactics behind each other.


Bingo’s Quarters

Bingo Blitz consists of rooms built for cities around the world, including London, Madrid and New York. Each room has 12 collection items relating to the city you are in where you can earn additional regular credits or a one-off payment of credits until finished. For fun, you could win the Eiffel Tower in Paris (not actually, of course!) or fish and chips in London. Items can be won by pressing a bingo on a particular “shadow” card or in a treasure chest. You can also buy coins, but these can be pricey in the upper rooms. You’ll find yourself exploring the globe from the comfort of your own home and learning about various countries when you’re having fun. There are also niche or seasonal rooms, such as the Elvis and Halloween Rooms. There is also a free regular tournament room where you perform against other players to be among the top scores on the world rankings, with rewards distributed according to the leaderboard location.

Rooms with slot

Bingo Blitz doesn’t just stop at bingo; there are slot rooms where you can use your hard-earned bingo coins to spin Vegas-style! These rooms also have collection pieces, including locations such as Macau and San Francisco, as well as exclusive rooms such as Tombstone Slots. The games also feature a mini-game called “Scatter” where the player has the opportunity to earn coins by gathering boxes. It works like the Pair Memory Game, except that when 2 crosses are struck, the player loses and receives winnings that have already been collected.