Quick Playing Bingo, play alone or with your mates!

Bingo Blitz is a free Facebook Bingo App game.

Quick Playing Bingo, play alone or with your mates!

Win coins and trophies in this high-level action game.

Bingo Blitz is an entertaining, traditional Bingo game played on Facebook with other players from all over the world. Play coins and special Bingo Blitz Tokens, win prizes and medals for your sets, and make friends along the way.

You can play with 1 card, or handle up to 4 cards per game, each card has 25 numbers, and bingo wins up and down or around lines, diagonal lines across the board and four corners. When you have all of these in your card, press the bingo button, and the card closes, and you can play the remaining cards that you have.

Any time you find a number, or win a card, you’re creating game coins and experience. As you level, you’re going to unlock new places to play in, more rewards and trophies. The quicker you find the number on your card, the better your score will be.

During the game, you can also earn a power-up boost, pressing it will give you one of many choices, including an instant bingo chance, extra coins or objects, and extra numbers on your wallet. This power up recharges in the game, but you have a restricted amount of recharges. You will win them from the sports, get them from the leveling, and get them from the chest.

The chests are put under numbers on a card, opened with keys, and can contain coins, Bingo Blitz Tokens, power up tokens, or several chest keys. The keys to the chests can be won like every other item.


You have a small range of free games per day, once they have been played, you need to pay 1 Bingo Blitz Token per card you use in a game, and at later stages, the cards are more costly, but the prizes are still higher. All items used in the game can be bought for real money through Facebook.

Bucks, coupons, and power-up tokens will add up easily, allowing you to keep playing, you have a far better chance of having decent power-ups, the more cards you play, and here’s enough time to find the numbers you call out. Bingo Blitz free credits is easy to use and enjoyable to enjoy, allowing a wide variety of bingo experiences.